On Homelessness

He lives behind the dumpster of a restaurant astride my apartment, next to a heap of wet blankets and a cane. The landscape betrays his alcoholism. Hundreds of aluminum cans lie strewn about the hill underneath his camp, a few haplessly drowning in the gutter. Usually he wakes before I do, except on the exceptionally … More On Homelessness

How To Show Gratitude

As we celebrate the Thanksgiving weekend, I feel it is only fitting to discuss how we can use gratitude in our everyday lives to strengthen our relationships with others. Gratitude is an oft overlooked emotional expression, especially in a consumer culture where we have a special Friday dedicated to trampling old ladies and small children … More How To Show Gratitude

Stand With Paris

It was with a heavy heart that I learned this morning of the news in Paris. It is always difficult to hear news like this. My thoughts are with the people and families of Paris as they work to rebuild. The shop windows and streets can be fixed easily enough, but it will take much … More Stand With Paris