On Being Wrong

“We all know you’re smart.” Those five words, spoken by a group therapist four years ago to a younger version of myself, cut more than any of the hundreds of times I’d been called stupid in my youth or called out on various social media platforms by people who disagreed with my ideas. It was … More On Being Wrong

On Homelessness

He lives behind the dumpster of a restaurant astride my apartment, next to a heap of wet blankets and a cane. The landscape betrays his alcoholism. Hundreds of aluminum cans lie strewn about the hill underneath his camp, a few haplessly drowning in the gutter. Usually he wakes before I do, except on the exceptionally … More On Homelessness

On Jealousy and Anger

I still remember the day Pat McKee uttered the words that would change my life. I was slouched in my chair, half asleep for a lecture describing the early metaphysical views of primary and secondary characteristics of objects. I found the discussion rather tedious; in my mind there was little benefit in learning antiquated metaphysics … More On Jealousy and Anger

On People Watching

I recently finished my third viewing of Inception, a movie now so ingrained in our collective subconscious that the only people who haven’t seen it are those living under a rock. A literal rock. Cavemen. Cavemen are the only people who haven’t seen this movie. The film features projections, which are people, objects, landscapes, and … More On People Watching

Ready, Let’s Go

I was speaking today with a friend I met on the bus a few months back. The day we met, Tyler was sitting opposite me, studying a copy of How to Win Friends and Influence People. Having read the book myself, and wishing to make Dale Carnegie proud, I smiled at him and mumbled “that’s … More Ready, Let’s Go