On Homelessness

He lives behind the dumpster of a restaurant astride my apartment, next to a heap of wet blankets and a cane. The landscape betrays his alcoholism. Hundreds of aluminum cans lie strewn about the hill underneath his camp, a few haplessly drowning in the gutter. Usually he wakes before I do, except on the exceptionally … More On Homelessness

On Communication Barriers (and How to Break Them)

A few years ago, my family took a vacation to the outer banks of North Carolina. It’s a popular destination for us. We can see family on the way in, and after catching up with them it’s only a few hours drive to the beach. I have a great fondness for the outer banks. They’re never too crowded, but it’s … More On Communication Barriers (and How to Break Them)

On Jealousy and Anger

I still remember the day Pat McKee uttered the words that would change my life. I was slouched in my chair, half asleep for a lecture describing the early metaphysical views of primary and secondary characteristics of objects. I found the discussion rather tedious; in my mind there was little benefit in learning antiquated metaphysics that had long been … More On Jealousy and Anger

On People Watching

I recently finished my third viewing of Inception, a movie now so ingrained in our collective subconscious that the only people who haven’t seen it are those living under a rock. A literal rock. Cavemen. Cavemen are the only people who haven’t seen this movie. The film features projections, which are people, objects, landscapes, and other content that are “projected” … More On People Watching

Ready, Let’s Go

I was speaking today with a friend I met on the bus a few months back. The day we met, Tyler was sitting opposite me, studying a copy of How to Win Friends and Influence People. Having read the book myself, and wishing to make Dale Carnegie proud, I smiled at him and mumbled “that’s a … More Ready, Let’s Go