Panpsychism and Intellectual Vogue

There is often a temptation when studying philosophy, science, or politics to accept the dominant narrative as truth. Often, the first instinct (of laymen in particular) when confronted with disagreements in philosophy is to assess the “general consensus” by seeking out articles like Bourget and Chalmers’, or asking the opinion of philosophers on public forums. … More Panpsychism and Intellectual Vogue

On Being Wrong

“We all know you’re smart.” Those five words, spoken by a group therapist four years ago to a younger version of myself, cut more than any of the hundreds of times I’d been called stupid in my youth or called out on various social media platforms by people who disagreed with my ideas. It was … More On Being Wrong

On Radical Freedom and Its Persistence in Gameplay Situations

This article is a response to a paper written by Marta Matylda Kania, a Polish philosopher and game designer, entitled Spirit of Seriousness and Bad Faith: On the Meaning of In-game Life. In the paper, Kania argues for an existential distinction between what she terms gameplay situations and a life situations. A gameplay situation is … More On Radical Freedom and Its Persistence in Gameplay Situations

Nihilism and Love

One of the most important and difficult questions for a human being to consider was posed by the great Trinidadian-German philosopher Haddaway in the year 1993 with a hit dance single that swept the nation: “What is Love?” The question was the third most searched query on Google in 2014, and it is a question … More Nihilism and Love

On Jealousy and Anger

I still remember the day Pat McKee uttered the words that would change my life. I was slouched in my chair, half asleep for a lecture describing the early metaphysical views of primary and secondary characteristics of objects. I found the discussion rather tedious; in my mind there was little benefit in learning antiquated metaphysics … More On Jealousy and Anger

The Death of Lying: How Technology Continues to Make Us More Honest

In 2012, Associate Professor of Cognitive Science and Communications at Cornell University, Jeff Hancock, gave a fascinating and prescient talk entitled The Future of Lying. He discussed how we interact and deceive each other through social media, pointing to 3 new types of lying that have surfaced in the digital era. One of the most … More The Death of Lying: How Technology Continues to Make Us More Honest